Hi, It’s Blake


And today I’m turning 28. That’s not entirely relevant to the content of this blog, but birthdays are a natural check-in point and it seems an appropriate time to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – create a space to capture and share my perspective on startups, technology, and the trends affecting them.

I feel an overwhelming sense of potential right now while starting a full-time MBA at The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. The goal? Use past experiences in strategy consulting and startup operations to learn everything I can about effective entrepreneurship.  Industries and business models are progressing more quickly than ever, creating enormously powerful “tech” companies while simultaneously empowering brilliant entrepreneurs to challenge them. It’s been exciting to watch, and I’m eager to pursue a career helping startups thrive.

Born and raised in Chicago, I am a strong proponent for Midwest entrepreneurship and I will often comment on those topics through that lens. If you’re curious as to why anyone outside the Midwest should spend any effort on its startup scene, I implore you to read a few of my favorite takes on why the Midwest, and non-coast US cities are ripe for investment.

Technology is, by definition, an instrumental force in driving progress and improving humans’ quality of life in the long-term. Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective net job creators in the economy. I’m a big believer that the continued overlap of these concepts determines where entrepreneurs and investors focus their energy and capital, and determine what the world of the future looks like.

This blog is admittedly as much for me as it is for whatever audience of friends, colleagues, and classmates decides to check it out. That’s not to say I won’t strive to be insightful (or at least entertaining), but if it seems like I’m still forming a cohesive statement, that may well be. Writing has long been a favorite way to wrangle my thoughts.

I spent the past year taking improv classes, and a key lesson that has stuck with me is that you don’t need to have the entire solution. You don’t have to build the whole house. Just lay down some bricks. In that spirit, I hope my writing will help others wrestle with their own thoughts, start some meaningful conversations, and contribute to the collaborative and ongoing process to improve the world through business.

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